FIRST POST !!!!1!!!1

(Imported from old blog on Oct 1st, 2013)

So, it’s been nearly four years since I first set this blog up, and I’m only now writing my first entry…

You’re probably asking why I’d bother after so much time has passed..?  Truth told, I was asking myself that very question, as recently as this afternoon. I was going to hit the “Delete this Blog” button, but the Governor phoned in a last-minute “Stay of Execution”, and an idea was formed…

I’d recently bought a 56k modem for my Handspring Visor, and I have a dial-up account at, so why not download a telnet app and have some fun?

That’s exactly what I did. I’ve been all over the net, checking out my usual haunts on the web via lynx, pissing around on gopher, and visiting a couple of my favourite telnet BBSes… all on my archaic PDA from 1999!

I’ll post a few pictures in the next day or so, and hope to show off some of my other hardware too!

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