RCWW14: Going All-in!

I’ve been thinking (!) about the Retrochallenge over the last few nights, and have decided to go all-in this time around.

To that end, in addition to my PC-1500 project, I’ve put my iPhone 3g, Blackberry Bold, and Palm Treo 650 in a drawer for the month of January.  In their stead, I will be using a device which is probably my favourite bit of obscure and obsolete technology.

I’m speaking of my Visorphone.

visorphone1visorphone2  visorphone3 visorphone4 visorphone5 visorphone6

Shown here is the Crown Jewel of my Springboard modules.  I bought it for a song on eBay back in late 2010, when I’d made the decision to buy my first cellphone.  Being especially enamoured of obscure retro-technology (as most of you are) and a Palm Pilot/Handspring Visor enthusiast, I opted to hunt for a Visorphone, something I knew of only in legend.

The battery still holds a charge (it’s been 3 hours now), although I don’t know how long it’ll last.  I’ll have to leave my Visor’s charger at work in case I need to charge the thing throughout the day.

The Visorphone doesn’t have much in the way of capabilities: no web browsing, no Bluetooth, no MMS, etc.  It sounds like crap (uses the Visor’s built-in microhone), although using a wired headset improves the sound quality dramatically.

Texting can be a chore if you’re not used to the Palm OS Graffiti handwriting input method, but thankfully, there are options.  I use two different external keyboards:  a Kensington PocketType (pictured) and a Targus Stowaway full-sized folding keyboard.

I’ve already had a couple of calls on the thing, and it does feel a bit ungainly.  Texting is a bit awkward due to the size of the combined units, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it.  It’s the next best thing to using nothing!

Let’s see how this month plays out.


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