RCWW14: Keeps On Ticking

I have to say, I am impressed with this Visorphone.

Its 14-year old battery still shows a 55% charge after 24+ hours of use! That’s 8 phone calls and several hundred text messages between Jill and I.   That’s a tad better than my Palm Treo 650, which is also on its original (2004) battery and needs to be charged every 24 hours or so under moderate use (and worlds better than my iPhone 3g, which needs to be charged every 8 hours under light use).



This just proves what us retro-enthusiasts already know: they don’t make ’em like they used to!

Regarding my other project, I still can’t find my CCR-81 cassette recorder for my PC-1500 project.  I’ll have to intensify my search.  If I don’t find it within the next couple of days, I may try using a PC-1500 emulator until the recorder is found.

 **EDIT 9:20AM**


My PocketType keyboard just stopped working.  As I didn’t bring my Stowaway folding keyboard, it looks as though I’ll be handwriting any texts to my wife today…




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