RCWW14: Checking in

It’s been a busy couple of weeks around the Wheeler household.  Our SUV ended up dying again (main seals were leaking like a sieve), but with a little help we got it fixed.

Haven’t had any time for my entries, as is usually the case.  I’m looking forward to working on my PC-1500 on Sunday.  First thing I plan to do is figure out how to generate true random numbers (usually accomplished by using the value of the timer to seed the random number generator), after that my challenge will really begin.

My Visor and Visorphone combo is still going strong,  although I do miss having all the (comparitive) bells and whistles of my Palm Treo 650 (my usual cellphone).  I miss my iPhone 3G too, but that doesn’t see as much use as the Treo at the best of times.

In other news, I gave one of my unused PCs to my wife’s friend (an amateur graphics designer).  Her eMac had been showing its age, and she wanted something a lot faster, but couldn’t afford to pay much.  So, I grabbed the aforementioned PC and threw the latest Debian Linux on it, loaded it with graphics apps, and gave her a quick lesson in Linux.  She absolutely loved it!

Another successful convert!


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