RCWW14: Homespun Archaeology

Imagine my surprise when I found the following in a box in my basement:


Excelan1 Excelan2 Excelan3 Excelan4 Excelan5 Excelan6

Excelan LAN Workplace was a TCP/IP stack for early versions of Xenix 386.   I have both this opened box and another sealed box in my possession (which I may sell sometime in the near future).

Unexpected finds like this are what I live for!  Whenever I feel as though my computer hobby is stagnating, I come across something like this that will rekindle the fire!

Finding floppy images for SCO Xenix 386 wasn’t a difficult task.  I have version 2.3.1 downloaded, but I think that includes TCP/IP capabilities.  If so, I’ll hunt for an even older release of Xenix so I can play around with LWP.

After which, I’ll have to look through the lab to see if I have a 386 on which to install Xenix.

Unfortunately, I won’t have time to play with this stuff during the Retrochallenge Winter Warmup, so consider this my entry into the 2014 Summer Retrochallenge!



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