RCWW14: That’s a Wrap!

Well, that was fun…

Yet another Retrochallenge goes by with nothing to show for it.  I did use my Handspring Visor and Visorphone for the entire month, but that isn’t really a monumental challenge, as my main smartphone is my 2004-vintage Palm Treo 650, meaning most of the apps were the same.  All it meant was giving up mobile web access, but even that wasn’t a big deal as I can post to Twitter and Facebook (and receive important updates) via SMS.

I spent more time rummaging in my basement lab than I did doing anything constructive.  It wasn’t a waste of time, though, as I rediscovered a bunch of old Unix stuff I forgot I had.  This stuff will lay the foundation for my Summer Retrochallenge entry, wherein I will try to build a 386 running Xenix.  Not just a functional machine, but a useable one, one I can use for the entire month.

I may yet have time to play with my PC-1500, one of these days…


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