Retrochallenge ’14: Considering…

A recent Twitter post from UrbanCamo reminded me that this year’s Retrochallenge is coming up in a month-and-a-half!

I really want to enter, but I’m leery of doing so.  The missus and I are busy packing up the house so we can renovate (then sell), and as such most of my computer equipment et cetera is boxed up and in storage.  There’s precious little left in the lab, mostly stuff I’ve never used, broken or damaged equipment, or things I’ve forgotten about.

Much of the equipment left over is of an appropriate vintage that they could be used in the Retrochallenge. Hmmm…

It’s tempting to enter the RC using “the mess” as my project.  The idea of using whatever’s in the pile, whatever I can salvage and throw together, and making it all work somehow really appeals to me.

Problem is, we don’t have any form of internet connectivity at home.  We cancelled our landline as well as our high speed internet earlier in the year because of our renovations, so I’ll have no immediate way of posting my progress.

Another challenge!  I’m liking this more and more!

Lastly, most (if not all) my disks and manuals are boxed up and in storage as well, limiting me to whatever stray disks are still lying around, and whatever is on the old hard drives of the machines still lingering in the lab.

OK, I’m sold.

I’m going to enter the Retrochallenge, my theme being “Working With Whatever’s Left”.