Retrochallenge ’14: Day One

Aaaaaaaargh we’re off!

Today was spend playing with my old 386 portable (as opposed to a new 386 portable?), ensuring it works.  It does.

I dug it out of the depths while taking stock of the machines left in the lab… it’ll probably do all the heavy lifting for the duration of the RC.

I also found several Tandy computers I’d largely forgotten about: a Tandy 1000sx, a 1000rl, a TL2, and two laptops: a 2800hd and a 1500hd (which is dead).  No monitors, though.

Found a couple of interesting parallel port peripherals, too, which I will share with you later in the week.

The best thing I found today, the thing I’m most excited about, was the manual and driver diskette for my TRS-80 model 4P’s external hard drive!  The drivers are from a third party company and are supposedly an improvement over Radio Shack’s drivers.

Hopefully I can get the ancient 70 meg drive to spin up…

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