Retrochallenge ’14: Day Two and Three

Damn it!

I went to fire up my Tandy 2800HD laptop last night  to see if it still worked… and I don’t seem to have the power adapter for it!

Ah well, no big deal.  If I remember correctly, it uses the same adapter as the 1500HD laptop I just tossed on the recycling pile.  Will have to test it out tonight once I get home from work.

Speaking of Tandy computers, I found my Model 100 in my writing desk as I prepared to put the desk into storage.  Nice stroke of luck, that!  I’ll likely use the M100 to document all my RC entries from here on in.

I didn’t have time for much more than that last night.  I did a bit of contemplating regarding my 386 laptop (expansion upgrades, future plans, hacking it, etc) and came to the conclusion I could really trick this thing out with the right equipment and with minimal financial outlay.

More on that later.

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