Retrochallenge ’14: Day Seven (EDITED)

I didn’t have time to spare for the RC this weekend.  Too much going on.

My cat, Ethin, had to be put down Friday evening.  His many health issues (Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, Diabetes, Megacolon, to name the worst) finally got the better of him, and it was time to end his suffering.  At sixteen years old, he had a good run.

Ethin served as my Retrochallenge mascot for years.  He’d always hop up in my lap whenever he saw me concentrating on a computer problem, and would usually try to bat at whatever hardware I was working on… which usually meant having to gather up jumpers and screws from the floor.

I’ll miss my little buddy.



While I did no actual work, I started making a long-term plan for my 386 portable, which some veteran RC’ers might remember as my Toshiba T5200/100, affectionately known as “Angry Red” due to its red gas-plasma display.

My ultimate goal is to turn Angry Red into a daily driver, able to do the mundane light-duty things I need, but also limited enough to pose a challenge and satisfy any retro-cravings.  Interoperability with my other hardware (new and old) will be a must.

Despite not having PCMCIA ports, game ports, networking, or a sound card, and being saddled with a slow-ass 8250 UART (I believe) and requiring proprietary RAM, it’s still a useful machine and still very expandable.

(LOL, that has to go on record as the most blindly optimistic thing I’ve ever written…)

I’ll go into a little more detail later this evening if not tomorrow.



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