Retrochallenge ’14: Day Eight

I found a bit of time in which to work on Angry Red last night, mostly to re-familiarize myself with the machine.

It’s obvious I’d done some work (software-wise) on the system, although I don’t remember what my overall plan was.  Angry Red pre-dated my current project management system by a couple of years, so what few project notes I kept are scattered about on fast food napkins or scribbled on discarded printouts.

I vaguely remember installing Trumpet Winsock a few Retrochallenges ago, so I could dial in to my account at SDF.  I remember being able to connect via PPP, but not getting any internet programs to work (gopher, telnet, browser).  The project was probably shelved when life interfered and I was forced to drop out of that particular Retrochallenge (heh).

Of course, I won’t be able to dial out from my house, as we no longer have a phone line.  But that’s the great thing about having a portable computer, I can dial out from elsewhere if need be.  I might try to do just that later in the week, and troubleshoot the connection.

Speaking of connections, I dug out my old Xircom Parallel Port/Ethernet box from the depths.  I’ve had it for about a decade but never used it. Hell, I don’t even remember why I bought it… probably for use on a computer I no longer have for a purpose long-forgotten. I did manage to find the drivers way back when, even burned them to a CD! Now, once I find that CD I’ll be able to use the unit with Angry Red.

More updates to come throughout the day.

(CJ’s note:  Which didn’t happen, as MOTD was down all day yesterday)

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