Retrochallenge ’14: Days Nine and Ten

My blog host,, was down again last night, so I wasn’t able to publish anything.

I had a bit of good luck (or saving grace!) last night as I went to toss a few things into the trash.  Just as I was about to toss my non-working Tandy 1500HD laptop into the bin, I noticed a heretofore unnoticed switch on the side of the machine… one that was labeled BACKLIGHT.  One that was set to LOW instead of HI.  Duurrrrrrrr…

I’ve had this machine apart more often than my Amiga 2000, yet I completely missed this switch.  I brought the laptop back into the house, plugged it in, flicked the switch to HI, and powered it on.  Damned if it didn’t work!



This adds a whole new dimension to my Retrochallenge.  The 1500’s (XTA?) hard drive was dead when I bought the machine, but as far as I know, the floppy drive still works.  I’ll test it tonight (Thursday), and will then consider what I want to do with the machine, and how to integrate it into the RC and my lab.

I also tracked down the manual for another piece of hardware in the lab, as well as a program that supports it.  If I have time I’ll test it as well.

Will update tonight after work, assuming is up 😉








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