Retrochallenge ’14 Day 17: Rated X.

(Note to all you watchdogs out there:  There is nothing perverse or pornographic about this post, nor in the tweet that probably led you here.  It’s all about the X Windows system.)


Haven’t had much time for the RC these last couple of days.  Too busy playing with our very active daughter Astrid, who recently turned a year old.

Asti-MSX2Seen here a few months ago, playing with Daddy’s Sony HB-F1XD MSX2.  Hacker training begins when she can read.


The only RC related thing I’ve done since last update involved armored, transforming mecha, which ended with my wife Jillian saying “Will you turn that damned thing off?  The baby is trying to sleep!”  🙂

Well, I shouldn’t say the only thing… I have been thinking about Angry Red and what function it will perform once integrated into my lab environment at the new house (which so far will consist of mostly Sun machines running various versions of Solaris)(The lab, not the house).  I mean, sure, it’ll make a dandy serial terminal and note-taker, but it’s capable of doing much more than that.  All of my machines are.  Everything was State of the Art once.

So, to that end, I felt the best way to integrate many of my old computers would be to add X-Windows functionality to each one.  Over the last few months, I’ve been hoarding different (and period-specific) X solutions for my various machines.  I have MI/X for Windows and classic Mac, AmiWin for my Amigas, MachTen for PPC Macs, eXceed for Windows, DesqView/X for Windows 3.1, and one for OS/2 Warp 4, the name of which escapes me.

Haven’t tried any of them yet, and likely won’t this time around (no Unix machines set up at the moment).  Hopefully we’ll be in a new house by the time the RC Winter Warmup rolls around.  My plan is to set up my old SparcServer 20 to serve X-sessions to the machines.  As I am only one man (gasp!), I’d only be using one or two machines at a time, so the server load should be light.

Apart from a few really old machines, most of my retrocomputers are capable of running Linux, *BSD, or old versions of Unix.  While it might be easier in the long run to operate in a homogenous *nix environment, it wouldn’t be much fun.  This is why I went with the idea of an X-client/server approach.  I could run *nix-type stuff when needed without taking away the uniqueness or strengths/limitations of the individual computers.

So, that’s my Endgame.  I have all the appropriate hardware and software, all I need now are the time and space to put it all together.  The rest of my Retrochallenge will be spent prepping Angry Red for this task, and maybe seeing what other machines I have left in the lab and what I can do with them.



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