Retrochallenge ’14 Day 28: Allo, Allo…

Been a quiet ten days since my last update.

I’ve been on holidays with the family, so I’ve done little more than play Fire Hawk on my 386.

I am looking to do a bit more before the RC ends on Thursday, but nothing too ambitious.  Tonight’s project will be to install the Windows 3.1 software for my Ten Tec RX320D software-controlled radio, and probably (DOS) software to control my Uniden BC895XLT radio scanner as well.  As Angry Red has no sound card, I’ll have to work with either an external speaker or headphones…

If I have the time in the next couple of days, I may try my hand at adapting the BASIC control program for the RX320D (that was given as an example in the RX320D Programmer’s Guide) to either TRS-80 Model 4P or Model 100 BASIC.



Apparently we’ve been given an extension!  The RC will end this coming Sunday instead of Thursday!  With that in mind, I’ll do my radio stuff tomorrow.  Tonight, I’ll spend my time fixing the brakes on my mountain bike.  I plan to commute to work via bicycle from now until the winter and, until I fix my road bike, the mountain bike will be my vehicle of choice.






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