Retrochallenge 15-01: and we’re off!

Happy New Year!

As it turns out, the parallel port on my Tandy 2800hd is dead.  I opened it up this morning and some of the components have leaked.  I’ll have to clean the motherboard up and see what needs to be replaced, but I think the 2800 is pretty much out of the race this time around.

Not a big deal… I’ll just use Angry Red to do the things I had planned to do with the 2800.

Speaking of Angry Red, I located a copy of Lotus Smartsuite 4 for Windows 3.1 in the Retrochallenge off-season. I’ll need it for one of my projects later this month.  If I have the time, I’ll install it tonight; if not, it’ll have to wait for the weekend.

I also tracked down a copy of Desqview/X last Retrochallenge, hope to get it going this time around.

More to come tomorrow.

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