Treo 650 Deathwatch

It looks as though my beloved Treo 650 smartphone is on its last legs…

Its battery (original from 2004) is only holding a charge for 24 hours under use, when it used to hold a charge for days.  At this rate, it’ll be stone dead in a matter of years…

IMG_20151119_075506Ugh.  WordPress keeps rotating the image…


I say this tongue-in-cheek, of course.  The Treo’s battery life has always been phenomenal.

Despite having two vastly more capable Android phones, I can’t see myself giving up the Treo anytime soon.  It’s just too handy, and I have yet to find a software package that’s better integrated better than the Natara Smartphone Bundle (DayNotez journal, Bonsai outliner, Comet call reports) on any phone.  Replacement batteries (and parts) are readily available on eBay, so I have a feeling my Treo will be around for years to come.

Software availability is a bit of an issue (Although not as big an issue as it is on my iPhone 3G).  Since buying my first Treo in late 2010, the number of sites selling/hosting Palm software has dwindled.  Most of the online shops have either shut down or stopped carrying Palm software altogether, and I don’t see a classic Palm OS renaissance anytime soon.  There are still a few places to get Palm freeware or shareware, however most of the shareware apps are no longer registerable.

Luckily for me, I had the presence of mind to stockpile Palm apps I figured would come in handy, kept backups of apps I bought (and printouts of registration numbers I’d paid for), so my Treo will continue to be useful for at least another few years.







One Response to Treo 650 Deathwatch

  1. I really enjoyed my ‘650.
    But when it bit the dust, I got a Blackjack I hated and then an iPhone 3G.
    Thanks for the blast from the past.

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