Retrochallenge 17/10!

It’s been a couple of years since I last entered the Retrochallenge.  Hell, it’s been a couple of years since I last updated this blog!  Today, I’m doing both.

I sent in my entry a few minutes ago, and am slowly planning my projects.  I have a couple of Amigas that need a bit of TLC, as well as a Sparcstation IPC of indeterminate origin that begs to be explored.  I think it belonged to my old partner-in-crime, Slam, but I don’t know if he did anything with it.  If memory serves me correctly (and it probably doesn’t), he was running it headless with either Solaris 7 or Red Hat Linux 6.  Guess I’m going to find out…

I may attempt to incorporate my Powerbook Duo 280 somewhere along the line, assuming I can track down a RAM card for it (currently has 4 meg on the mobo).  If anyone has one for sale, even a 16 meg one, please let me know.