Project Felix update

I had a bit of time to work on Felix (my Auto-Mini folding bike) this afternoon, so I decided to install the pannier rack that came in the mail a few days ago.

New rack and grips!

Unfortunately, the rack mounting holes on the frame are either too small or too big to accomodate the rack. I’ll also need to find/build an adapter plate to attach the upper rack supports to the frame securely.

I put the rack aside for the time being, and decided to have a look at the bottom bracket instead. Having watched an informative video by Danny P Robinson on YouTube, and another by my go-to channel RJ the Bike Guy, I figured I knew enough to get started.

I removed the crank cotter using a tool I bought from Bikesmith Design, rather than use a hammer and punch (and risk damaging the cotter). Not to be smug, though, mostly because I’d rather not take a risk.

Getting the bottom bracket apart was easier than anticipated. The previous owner had attempted to repair it himself, and put it back together wrong. The cone adjusting nut was on the outside, holding the dust cover in place. The locknut and washer weren’t even installed (tied to the frame by a twist tie), and one set of the caged bearings was missing entirely!

Bottom bracket, all clear!

At least I know what I’m dealing with now. A quick phone call to my local bike shop told me they didn’t stock the caged bearings (nor did my backup bike shop), so I ordered a pair from eBay. I put the bottom bracket (properly), and I’m confident it’ll run smoothly once the new bearings arrive.

I’m hoping to have Felix on the road by next month.

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