Changing Things Up a Bit

I’m making a few changes around here.

I’ve scaled back my computer hobby over the last few years, and have been focused on cycling.  I’ve been teaching myself bicycle mechanics during this time, and am at a point where I can repair and maintain my own bikes.

I’ve also been going on longer and longer rides, taking pictures and mapping my progress using the Strava app on my iPhone.  But, as fun as Strava is, it’s not much fun from a retro-computing point of view.  So, I’ve decided to resurrect an old idea of mine – track my rides using my Handspring Visor Deluxe, the CotoGPS app, Magellan GPS Companion Springboard module, and upload the data to the GPSVisualizer site.  It’s a roundabout way of doing things, but I don’t care.  It lets me use my old hardware that would otherwise be sitting in a box.

I may also use my PalmOne Treo 650 and Palm Bluetooth GPS to do accomplish the same thing.  We’ll see how it goes.  It’d be nice to use OpenStreetMap as well, so I can skip Google Maps…

What does this mean for this blog, you might ask?

Well, I hear you ask.

The long and short of it is, there will be an equal focus on cycling and computing, and I’ll try to combine the two whenever possible.  In addition, I’ll be incorporating Mastodon and my Phlog as much as I can, maybe even T00bnix.  I’m trying to incorporate SDF more and more into my routine, as I value this community and what it wants to do.


Trials and Tribulations

(Imported from old blog on Oct 1st, 2013)

It’s been a whirlwind couple of months…

Between moving my fiancée into my place, work, and general household drudgery, I haven’t had much time to do anything, let alone post.  However, the blogging bug has bit me again, and as I’ve been writing on my “other” blogs, I thought it only right to update this one, so I could share with you my latest projects and plans.

First and foremost, I have been trying to determine which of my systems is my ideal mobile blogging solution. Back in the day, I used my Powerbook G3 Lombard to blog on the go, but that had largely fallen by the wayside as she’s been broken so often that I stopped using her.  Since then, I have used a myriad of other devices, chiefly my TRS-80 Model 100 portable computer, but I have also used my shockingly well-equipped Handspring Visors (more on those in the future) with a good deal of success. More recently, I’ve been using my Palm Treo 650 smartphone to blog on the go, but its tiny keyboard isn’t particularily well-suited for anything more than a short text message or tweet… trying to blog with the Treo is a painful experience! Right now, I am considering using my Visors & foldout keyboard to blog, or buying a similar keyboard for my Treo.

Of course, I could simply use my Lombard again, but I find the Visor or Treo to be especially handy considering I don’t like lugging a laptop around with me everywhere I go.

Apart from my moblogging dilemma, I also have several computers, ranging from a couple of old Macs, an Amiga or two, and a few Sparc machines all requiring some degree of repair. I’ll be delving into each machine as I begin working on them. First up will probably be my namesake… my Sparc IPX workstation!

Finally, I’m in the process of rebuilding my lab after years of neglect. First order of the day will be to clean it out, make a bit of room, then start building the network rack. After that, I’ll need to track down a couple of pieces of equipment, work a bit of magic, and I’ll be back in action.

The next few months should prove to be interesting!